It’s been a while since I wrote anything.

Life has been very hectic. I must say since the Covid19 I hardly did publish anything. I was very active on Instagram but for the past three months I’ve given up on it too. However today I came over to check my blog and was overjoyed by the word prompt “assignment “.

Man I’ve missed these prompts. Maybe thats one reason I did not write.

The word assignment takes me back to my teenage days. The struggle to finish assignment was overwhelming. I used to regret not having a computer to work on my assignments. Here we are over decade later with just mobile phone. We can do nayth on a mobile phone. It doesn’t have to be a computer. The distraction level is 100% unlike those days. With numerous apps we millennial struggle to concentrate on one. The reason for all those anxiety etc.

Wishing all the millennial student a very good luck to complete their assignments without anu distraction.

Stay safe and take care. ❤

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